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Richard Woolnaugh

Richard Woolnaugh on the Millenium Green cycle path he masterminded 2014.

Mike Hugging at his cycle shop in Halesworth.

Halesworth Town Map showing Sustrans route through
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SUSTRANS report 2017 Appraisal of Halesworth Cycle Options.
Notes from a site visit by Philip Broadbent-Yale, Sustrans Network Development Manager – Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex, on 20th March 2017 with Mike Jackson of the Halesworth Cycling Club. Altogether 7 proposals to improve accessibility for pedestrians and walkers, with benefits for connectivity, cohesion of routes and increasing the popularity of smarter travel choices. This will lead to further gains for health, the local economy and people’s quality of life. Three longer term proposals

Haleworth Cycling club – and the Halesworth Wheel Page, developed and maintained by Mike Jackson.

Waveney Cycling strategy – Adopted in 2016 it sets out the Council’s vision for cycling in Waveney.

Cycle Networks - Autumn 2020

What Halesworth has already achieved for access for all including pedestrians and cyclists, is a great credit to everyone’s efforts. The Millennium Green is a huge success and one you should all be proud of. (Sustrans Report 2017)

Working with existing cycling projects in Halesworth, including the Neighbourhood Plan, and embracing the COVID-19 government incentive schemes, we aim to promote bicycling in and around Halesworth centre connecting up different cycling routes of the town, and integrating with existing cycle networks to surrounding villages. This to encourage people to travel using non-car modes to access home, school, employment, services and facilities.
Project led by Diane Green

Specific objectives:
• To consolidate and join up existing cycling routes in Halesworth to enable workers on the outskirts to easily bike into the town from light industrial estates, from new housing estates etc. To establish clear signage to encourage the many passing cyclists to feel welcomed in our town, and to dally for refreshment.

This includes
• A campaign to make Saxon’s Way a permitted cycle route around the town centre (the Thoroughfare, although part of NCR1, is by default pedestrianised)

• To join up Halesworth centre to the Triple Plea along the Norwich Road, to create a family-friendly cycle loop around Halesworth and lead out to NCR1 (up to Bungay and Beccles)

• To make sure that any new development in Halesworth has adequate and considered bicycling provision.

• To work with the Neighbourhood plan to develop cycling routes for the Campus project.

2020 Halesworth Green’s Cycle recommendations/discussion
These reports have been drawn together by Diane Green for discussion.

2020-halesworth-active-cycling-post-covid-family-route-ideas click to download

2020-halesworth-plan click to download

An interview with Huggy (Michael Huggins) at Halesworth cycle shop
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Existing reports and working groups on cycling in Halesworth

Halesworth Cycling Infrastructure 2014
A comprehensive report drawn up by Halesworth Bicycle Team, (HBT)  written by Nat Bocking in 2014, who were mandated by Halesworth Town Council as part of the Town Plan (now superseded by the Neighborhood plan). 

It was a update of Richard Woodnaugh’s original town plan which culminated in the highly successful and well used Millennium Green cycle Track which linked into Sustrans NCR1. Its aim was not just tourism cycling but for the improvement of sustainable transport which could benefit the economy, health, education and the quality of life in the town and surrounding area. HBT was made up of representatives from the town council, Sustrans, Halesworth Millennium Green Trust, Halesworth in Transition, Halesworth Business Connections, Waveney District Council, Suffolk County Council and several residents. They drew on the Beccles and Bungay Cycle Strategy group. People on the HBT project included Richard and Judith Woolnaugh, Annette Dunning, Elaine and Tony Watts, Joseph Young, Janet and Michael Huggins, John Neville, Mike Jackson (local Sustrans ranger) Sally Runnacles, Pat Calver, Rio Brown, Sue Bergin (Beccles Cycle Strategy). The report summarised what existed, it made consultations with Sustrans, and the Local Highway Authority, and with Councillor Graham Elliot (Beccles Green Party and cycling enthusiast) who fed into a larger cycling infrastructure plan embracing the market towns around Halesworth. 

It made 3 main recommendations:
1. Remove ambiguity on one-way cycling (at present advisory) in Thoroughfare to permit two-way cycling (as in many towns). 

2. Create a cycle path on Saxons Way as a cycle route around the town (including from Swan Lane).

3. New routes into the NCR1 Millennium Park, from Quay Street, and River Lane.
It also made recommendations for cycle racks, cycle hire and a mountain bike track.