Halesworth Greens

Halesworth Greens
We are an active group in Halesworth, and part of the well established Waveney Green Party. We are delighted to have on our team Annette Dunning, already a Halesworth Town Councillor, who has worked tirelessly over these tough COVID-19 pandemic months to reach out to those in need, to collaborate and fix problems.

Current campaign projects include backing TerraCycle local collection events, examining rewilding opportunities in the area, improving the local cycling network, and starting a plastic-free Halesworth campaign.

You are welcome to join us – come to our open meetings, or join one of our projects. To join our group please add your email at: halesworthgreens@gmail.com

Cycle Networks - Autumn 2020

Working with existing cycling projects in Halesworth, including the Neighbourhood Plan, and embracing the COVID-19 government incentive schemes, we aim to promote bicycling in and around Halesworth centre connecting up different cycling routes of the town, and integrating with existing cycle networks to surrounding villages. This to encourage people to travel using non-car modes to access home, school, employment, services and facilities. Project led by Diane Green

Rewilding Suffolk

Halesworth residents are looking forward to the results of the re-wilding surveys currently being undertaken by the Town Council. This summer saw reduced mowing of verges around the town allowing wildflowers to grow. Cutting out the use of pesticides is also under consideration.


Annette Dunning

Local councillor Annette Dunning joins Halesworth Greens

Halesworth news

Introducing local Greens

Halesworth Greens are working towards a fair and sustainable society, through campaigning on Green Party issues and by getting Green candidates elected to both East Suffolk District Council and Suffolk County Council. Click here to read the full story.

Halesworth Greens welcomes Annette Dunning

Halesworth Greens have welcomed local councillor, campaigner and organiser Annette Dunning to the Green Party.

As an elected independent member of the Halesworth Town Council Annette has held office as Chair, Vice Chair and Chair of Finance. She has previously worked as Parliamentary Caseworker for both present sitting MPs in East Suffolk, gaining a “rich experience of listening to and understanding local needs and helping me signpost constituents to solutions to their issues,” she said. “I have found many of my beliefs, especially concerning the environment, align with the Green Party,” she said. “I suppose I’ve been a closet green for years.”

Annette currently works for Suffolk Charity, The Rural Coffee Caravan, as a Community Engagement and Rural Energy Officer, helping rural and isolated communities connect to support services to aid their health and wellbeing. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic Annette has helped small businesses in Halesworth by ensuring the community was updated on opening and closing and delivery times.

She supported the Trussell Trust as a volunteer by collecting food from Halesworth and the surrounding villages and distributing to local homes. This was coordinated through St Mary’s Church Halesworth where she volunteered with the start-up of the community larder. “Having established a food voucher scheme through Halesworth Town Council I continue to liaise with local businesses to feed those that need fresh produce,” she said.

Halesworth Green party members look forward to working with Annette on the many green issues that impact on the lives of residents in the town and nearby villages.

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