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Meet Elfrede Brambley-Crawshaw - Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Waveney

Elfrede Brambley-Crawshaw has been selected by Waveney Green Party members to be their Parliamentary Candidate for the fourth time.

Candidate's statement

I am determined to continue the hard work of our local party and to continue to raise the profile of the Green party within this area. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last few years, campaigning for something I believe in and seeing the positive consequences that have resulted.

My election to Beccles Town Council and relatively narrow defeat at the District Council in 2015 have made me determined to work hard to be elected to higher tiers of government. I have been an enthusiastic and hardworking member of Beccles Town Council. I have tried hard to embrace every opportunity and have been successfully elected as Youth Champion, Chair of the local Neighbourhood Plan, Deputy Chair of the Assets and Environment committee and Chair of the Pride in Beccles working party. As a result I have coordinated and worked on many projects in my local community.

I am particularly passionate about being an advocate for young people, finding that they are often underrepresented in political decision making. I have worked hard to make sure I involve myself in local groups and have taken up issues where they exist. In doing so, I have helped to protect local parks by creating community groups and leading volunteers to repaint and repair equipment at two of Beccles local parks. I have visited schools in the area and arranged activities at our Council building to ensure that these young people feel engaged with the political process and know how to become 'change makers' within their community.

I am passionate about creating a more sustainable and equitable society, I believe that the environmental and humanitarian issues we face 'walk hand in hand'. We can make small and big changes that benefit society as a whole rather than a powerful minority. I strongly believe that grassroots democracy is the solution to the current political disillusion prevalent across the country. My passion for progressive politics has consistently been a large part of my life, from studying Modern History and Contemporary Politics at University, to attending marches and protests and becoming active in local politics. Whilst I have never been a member of another political party, I was President of the Liberal Democrats Society at my University in 2003.

Aside from these fairly abstract political aims, I am a friendly and positive person, I enjoy meeting new people and hearing about their views and concerns, I have found this to be an asset when canvassing, and in my council work. I enjoy organising groups of people and have experience encouraging people to join together to make a positive impact on their community. In my previous job working in the educational department of Norwich Castle, I delivered many talks and tours to a variety of different audiences: this experience is something I continually draw on and develop. I am an active member of our local Fairtrade group. I have organised the Beccles Real Craft Festival for three years running. I also work in Beccles as one of the directors of a social enterprise café at Beccles railway station.

I enjoy living in the heart of Beccles with my husband and two children, who both attend our local school. I love the Waveney area, including the wonderful town of Lowestoft and its beautiful beaches. I feel fully connected to the community around me and I'm proud to be a part of it.