Congratulations the Green Team, candidates, activists and supporters!

Welcome to Waveney Green Party

The threat posed to our planet by climate change and the threat to our society from inequality and injustice need to be addressed urgently. Now, as we come out of the pandemic, we have the chance to build back better. Waveney Green Party is dedicated to building a fairer, sustainable and more equitable world here in Suffolk and beyond. We will do this through campaigning and by getting Green candidates elected to all levels of Government: East Suffolk District Council, Suffolk County Council and Westminster Parliament. 

We are part of an international movement, a growing party of people who care passionately about the world we live in, and we desire to hand it on to our children and grandchildren in as good or better state than we have inherited it.

The Coronavirus pandemic behaviour responses have shown that people are willing to accept radical changes. While the Government’s main focus is on economic growth and a return to full employment, this is our chance to make sure that how this is done is sustainable and for the long term. We have an enormous and important opportunity. To that end we are working on a variety of projects, locally and nationally, to work to Build Back Better.

Are you disillusioned with other systems with policies derived from social issues rooted in the past?
If this resonates for you,
come and join us.

•  Join your local group in Beccles, Bungay, Halesworth or Lowestoft. 
•  Join or support one of our campaigns for example Wilding in Halesworth, or Beccles Teracycle project (when pandemic restrictions allow), or the more embracing Sizewell campaign.
•  Join one of our on line forums which will be starting soon (see below)
•  Enlist as a party member or supporter
•  Help us with delivering leaflets

The next one is for District Councillors in May 2023

If you can't find what you are looking for on the website, please contact us.

The New Green Deal

The New Green Deal

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The Greening of Suffolk – Results of May 2021 Suffolk County Elections

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Caroline Topping, (taking over the baton from Elfrede Bramley-Crawshaw), elected for Beccles Worlingham, Barnby, North Cove division. Peggy McGregor was elected for Beccles Worlingham, Barnby, North Cove division. Annette Dunning was elected Councillor for Halesworth division.

Coming so close in Bungay, Dr Annette Abbot lost to the Conservatives by just 56 votes.

Finally at the East Suffolk District bi-election Sarah Plummer joins Caroline Topping, Ra-chel Smith-Lyte and Elfrede Brambley-Crawshaw on East Suffolk District Council, winning by over 300 votes.

www.lowestoft journal 2021 election results 2021 election results

We are the first Green Opposition at a County Council
In Suffolk the Greens have turned 3 seats in Suffolk to 9. United with the Independents and Liberal Democrats in the Suffolk County Council chamber, they form the official opposition to the Conservative administration, replacing Labour.

www.eadt.Opposition group at Suffolk County Council confirmed

Let the work begin.

A message from the Chair of Waveney Green Party, Andrew Eastaugh, following todays wonderful success!

Our fantastic team of candidates, activists and supporters have worked through all the restrictions and trials of lockdown . Today that work has delivered TWO new seats at County, to add to the one we held previously. That is amazing and fantastic in itself, but it is not all for we have also massively increased our share of the vote, nearly taking Bungay. This is a vote for community, for fairness and for sustainability. It is a vote above all for the future and building a future for our children and grand children. This is the Green Agenda and this is what our new councillors will strive to deliver.

A huge tribute not only to all the candidates what ever their personal result, for this is a team effort, but also everyone who put up posters, delivered leaflets, canvassed , voted and encouraged us along.

However there is one person above all who deserves our thanks. Elfrede Brambley-Crawshaw, You have been truly amazing with your knowledge, focus, hard work and dedication which is what has made you such a great councillor as well as colleague and campaign manager!

Our amazing Dr Annette Abbott lost by only 56 votes in Bungay.

Thank you to everyone that voted for her, campaigned for her and supported this campaign. It's very disappointing to come so close and not win but we'll be ready to go again next time!!!


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Waveney GreenView Spring 2021
for Beccles, Bungay, Halesworth and surrounding villages

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