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New Bus Service to Beccles Farmers Market

A new bus service between Southwold, Beccles and Norwich will deliver a much sought after bus to Beccles Farmers Market at Ellough. This bus service has been wanted by the Farmers Market operators, Margaret and Tony Hall for several years and has also been a long standing goal of Green Councillors Graham and Nicky Elliott. The 146 bus service started on 24 July and runs hourly between Southwold and Norwich six days a week.

BorderBus, working in conjunction with Beccles Farmers Market and Graham Elliott, have agreed that the bus will stop outside the Farmers Market in both directions, when the Farmers Market is on. It will provide a bus service to the Farmers Market from Southwold, Reydon, Wangford, Wrentham, Mutford, Worlingham, Beccles and Gillingham.

Graham Elliott said, "This bus service is very welcome as it enables those without a car to attend our local farmers market. The market is a few miles out of town and there has, until now, been virtually no option other than private car to get there. We have been asking bus companies for several years if they would consider providing a service between Beccles and the market but it has taken a new company to realise our goal. At the moment there are no safe pull-over areas for the bus at the Farmers Market entrance so the buses will stop at the Hayward entrance and at the Warrens Lane junction which are located 80m away. The bus service will also serve the crematorium when it opens in autumn 2015 and I am working to ensure that good bus stops and lay-bys are provided to serve both the crematorium and the Farmers Market."

Andrew Pursey, Managing Director of BorderBus, said "I am very pleased with new 146 service, and the patronage that we have already seen, whilst this is still early days the future looks very promising. The addition of stops at the Farmers Market is a welcome addition, and I look forward to seeing lots of new passengers on the buses".

The full timetable is available at Beccles Library and online at www.border-bus.co.uk

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