Waveney green party members demonstrating at Beccles railway station

Green Party members at Beccles station (from left to right) Elfrede Brambley-Crawshaw, Nicky Elliott and Graham Elliott.

Whose Railways? Our Railways!

Green Party members in Beccles took part in a national day of action on 5 January to object to the latest round of rail fare increases and to demand that the railways are returned to public ownership.

The Green Party proposal, as outlined in Caroline Lucas' Railway Bill, is a pragmatic approach that would bring each franchise back into public ownership on its expiry at zero cost to the taxpayer.

The failed East Coast franchise was taken back into public ownership in November 2009 and has been run by a publicly owned company for 5 years. In this time the tax payer has benefited financially and the service has improved. The franchise will revert to the private sector in March in what can only be described as an ideologically motivated decision. We believe that our model for the railways will cost the taxpayer less money and will deliver a better, more integrated service.

Graham Elliott, Green Party District Councillor in Waveney said:

"The year on year increases in fares is unacceptable. The Green Party would bring the railways back into public ownership and reduce fares. A joined-up railway network should be an essential component of a truly integrated transport system working for the common good instead of for shareholders."

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