Green Party members Doug Hoffman, George Langley and Peter Eyres at Ness Point, Lowestoft

Green Party members Doug Hoffman, George Langley and Peter Eyres at Ness Point, Lowestoft

April 2010 - Greens back Wind Power with Real Community Benefit

Graham Elliott, Green Party District Councillor in Waveney, is supportive of wind power, including onshore wind, but is concerned about a rush towards wind farms that are based on developer and landowner greed rather than community benefit.

Graham believes it is unfair for a landowner to receive very large sums of money for hosting wind turbines when the impact of the development is shared by the entire local community.

Graham said “I would like to see a community based approach to selecting sites for wind turbines. If a wind turbine was sited on community owned land (eg. a school playing field, a village hall car park or an allotment site), then the financial benefit of the wind turbine would be shared by the local community. In many cases however, there will not be a local community owned site that is suitable, so I believe it is necessary to provide Parish Councils and other community based organisations with the right to buy small plots of agricultural land for the purpose of developing community based renewable energy in the most appropriate locations. This would require a change in the law but it would be a clear way of making renewable energy developments that had broad public support and delivered real community benefit and would stop the ‘cram them in to maximize profit’ mentality that exists at the moment.”

A further advantage of a parish level promotion of renewable energy is that it will help decentralize our energy supply system. At the moment we have an incredibly centralized system, and with the development of huge offshore wind farms and new nuclear power stations will become even more centralized. We loose a large proportion of the electricity we produce due to the long distances between generation and consumption of electricity.

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