Beccles Lido Re-opens!

August 2010 - Beccles Lido Re-opens!

After years of campaigning, the future of the open-air swimming pool in Beccles is now secure! The “Lido” re-opened on 7th August 2010, almost two years after Waveney District Council closed it down.

Graham Elliott, Green Party Councillor for Beccles made saving the swimming pool one his priorities and has managed to secure the transfer of the pool from Waveney District Council to a newly formed company, Beccles Lido Limited. Graham has spent 3 years as the “middle man” liaising between Waveney District Council and Beccles Lido Limited. Graham said, “it was a lonely job at first with no other Councillors believing it was possible to save the pool, and several openly hostile to the idea! But as the project gained momentum it has been good to see most of the doubters come on board. This is a truly magnificent community effort led by a group of people with great vision and commitment. The legacy of their work will benefit the town for many years to come!”

The improvements to the pool have been made possible by a series of grants including a major grant for energy saving measures from the British Gas Green Streets project. This major grant has enabled the cracks in the pool to be repaired, a thermal plastic liner to be installed, a night-time cover to be provided, new efficient gas boilers to be installed and will enable solar PV panels to be installed on the roofs of the buildings. In addition to grants there has been a huge volunteer effort with supporters doing a whole range of jobs including painting, fence erecting, tree surgery, grass cutting, clearing vegetation, digging trenches, fitting out the kitchen etc.

The future of the pool now is entirely in the hands of Beccles Lido Limited and its three unpaid directors. The Green Party will continue to support Beccles Lido in any way it can but real long-term security will only come if the people of Beccles support it. There are many ways in which this can be done including buying a monthly lottery ticket, volunteering at the Lido or simply by using the pool! If you haven’t been to the Lido for while then why not drop in to have a look, a swim or just a coffee from the pool café.

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