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Greens put Conservatives on the back foot in Bungay

With the District council elections less than a month away campaigning has started in earnest in Bungay where two seats are being contested. The two Green candidates, Kate Jackson and Josiah Meldrum (both in their 30's) have never stood for election before and both describe themselves as volunteers rather than politicians; yet they are increasingly confident they can both win in Bungay. Josiah Meldrum said:

“I’d been working hard to try and save the library, but felt increasingly frustrated - I just shouldn’t have to spend every spare moment trying to save the library: no one in their right mind would threaten to close it in the first place! I spent months complaining about short sighted Suffolk politicians before realizing that the only way I could change things was to stand for election”.

Kate Jackson who, like Josiah, is a founder member of local community group Sustainable Bungay said:

“I find myself knocking on doors and telling people I’m not a politician but I’m standing for election - I suppose it’s a bit of a cliche, but it’s true and people really seem to get it. They like seeing younger faces and lots of people are saying they’ll vote Green for the first time this May”.

The enthusiasm and energy that Kate and Josiah are bringing to the Bungay campaign has not gone unnoticed and Greens from Norwich, one of the Party’s national strongholds, are helping with the campaign. Norwich City Councillor Rupert Read, who visited Bungay this week, said:

“I’ve been amazed by the welcome we’ve had on the doorstep, it’s clear that Kate and Josiah have really struck a chord with issues like the threat to the library, household waste site and youth services and that the community work they’ve been doing for the past couple of years is really appreciated”.

The election of Mark Bee as leader of Suffolk County Council could mean significant changes in direction for the county, but according to Josiah it might also indicate that Mr. Bee knows the Conservatives will lose overall control of Waveney District Council. Josiah said:

“Mark was an outside chance at the beginning of this leadership campaign, but he indicated strongly that he would re-think some of the County Council’s crazy plans and Suffolk Tories realized they had to start listening to the electorate. I see this as a success for all those who have campaigned so hard and loudly for the essential public services that are threatened with the axe. Now we just need local politicians who listen in the first place and don’t waste volunteer’s time with daft schemes.”

Across Waveney the Greens appear to be the party to watch, Graham Elliott (Beccles North) has built a reputation as a hard working and effective Councillor, paving the way for a new intake of Green candidates who hope to join him on the council this May. Graham said:

“We have candidates in every ward and this year we have a very real chance of six wins - that could be enough to give us the balance of power at Waveney and make a real difference”.

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