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A HUGE thank you to everyone in Bungay who voted Green

The Greens missed out in a seat in Bungay by the narrowest margin but in the process destroyed a massive Conservative majority. None of this would have been possible without the tireless work of a small team of leafleters and canvassers, everyone who put up one of our posters and, of course, hundreds and hundreds of Bungay voters. Thank you so much; we’ve laid firm foundations for a Green win in the 2013 County Council elections.

A safe Conservative seat in Bungay becomes marginal

Green Party candidate Kate Jackson pushed sitting Conservative District Councillor Simon Woods right to the wire and missed out on a stunning victory by just 9 votes. The Greens are now serious contenders in Bungay and comfortably the second biggest party in town.

Bungay Conservatives seemed complacent during the early stages of the campaign but in the last week realised the Greens were a serious threat and canvassed hard right up until 9pm on election day - even calling on Waveney MP Peter Aldous in a desperate bid to hold the seat.

Kate Jackson, who moved to Bungay from Beccles 5 years ago, said:

“I’m obviously very disappointed to have lost by such a narrow margin.  Mr Woods had a 340 vote majority at the last election and we’ve wiped that out with just one month's campaigning.  I've been overwhelmed by the support I received on the doorstep and in the polling booth, and will continue to have an active role in campaigning on the issues that affect the people of Bungay."

Bungay Greens will work to improve local turnout

Though at 46% the turnout in Bungay was higher than in previous years more than half the electorate still decided not to vote. Josiah Meldrum, the Green’s second candidate in Bungay, said:

“We’ve got to do more to encourage people to vote; as the government’s new localism agenda develops and parish and district councils are given more power these local elections will become more and more important. Demonstrating that, in the Green Party, there is a real and very positive alternative to the usual suspects has got to be a good start”

Greens are now the only alternative to the Conservatives in Bungay

The Greens are the second biggest party in Bungay and the only real alternative to the Conservatives. Green District Councillor Graham Elliott, returned with an increased majority in Beccles North, commented:

“I'm delighted Bungay Greens had such an impact in this election but disappointed that Kate so narrowly failed to join me on the Council." He added: “I’m sure that by the 2013 County Council elections everyone will have realised that Green is the only way to vote if you want to oust Bungay’s Tory County Councillor.”

Bright future for Bungay Greens

Josiah Meldrum has signaled his intention to stand against sitting County Councillor David Ritchie in 2013 and Kate Jackson is hoping to fill an empty seat on Bungay Town Council. Josiah said:

“Kate hopes to be co-opted onto the Town Council this month - I think she’d be a breath of fresh air and will make sure the two District Councillors who were returned today work hard for the town. The Greens came second in the 2009 County Council elections, I’m convinced we can build on the success we’ve had this month and take the seat from the Conservatives”

Helping us win in 2013 couldn’t be easier!

What we achieved in Bungay was all the more remarkable given the size of our team, the length of our campaign (4 weeks) and the resources at our disposal. If you’d like to help us secure a win in 2013 please do get in touch with Josiah or Kate via this website. We need people to help us create and deliver leaflets, put up posters, door knock, tell friends about the Greens in Bungay, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or even make a small donation to cover some of our printing costs.

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