Cllr. Graham Elliott at Beccles Station

Cllr. Graham Elliott at Beccles Station

January 2010 - Greens fight for improved rail service

One of Graham Elliott’s highest priorities since getting elected to Waveney District Council in 2007 has been securing improvements to the East Suffolk railway line to enable a reliable, hourly train service between Ipswich and Lowestoft.

The Beccles Loop is a short piece of track that would allow trains to pass each other on the long section of single-track railway between Halesworth and Oulton Broad. Whilst the long-term goal is the reinstatement of a twin track railway line all the way between Ipswich and Lowestoft, the Beccles Loop is a an important step towards this goal and would enable a massive improvement to train services in the whole of eastern Suffolk.

Graham has ensured that the Beccles Loop is continuously on the agenda and it is looking very promising that the loop will be built next year with hourly trains starting in December 2011. Graham Elliott said “an hourly service will remove the need for many people to drive into Lowestoft and is probably the most cost-effective regeneration project for the town.”

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