VIPs view Beccles from their saddles

July 2010 - VIPs view Beccles from their saddles

Two VIP Cycle Rides were instigated by Graham Elliott and other members of the Green Party during Bike Week. The rides, one in Lowestoft and one in Beccles, were designed to demonstrate many new cycling facilities that have been implemented over the past decade and also highlighted projects “in the pipeline” and problem areas that need to be tackled if we are to make cycling a realistic transport option in our towns.

In Lowestoft, Green Party member Peter Eyres led a very informative ride around Lake Lothing, highlighting some delightful sections of cycle path as well as some serious gaps in the network. In Beccles, BCS members, Nicky Elliott, Anneke Van den Berg and Sue Bergin were very pleased to be joined by Suffolk County Councillor David Ritchie, Waveney District Councillor Graham Elliott and Beccles Town Councillor Brian Taylor. Other cyclists joined in the group from neighbouring Bungay and as far away as Chester!

Green Party Councillor for Beccles North, Graham Elliott said, "The VIP Cycle Ride was an opportunity to show local councillors and other interested people the work done by Beccles Cycle Strategy and Suffolk County Council over the past 13 years. It highlighted some of the current danger areas for cyclists and some of the improvements that are planned over the next 12 months or so. It was particularly good to be joined by County Councillor David Ritchie and the Mayor of Beccles, Brian Taylor."

Graham Elliott has been active promoting cycling in Waveney since being elected in 2007. A scrutiny review on cycling was instigated by Cllr. Elliott and the recommendations were put to WDC Cabinet where they were adopted on 18th March 2010.

Graham is now working with Sue Bergin of the Beccles Cycle Strategy to secure funding to get printed copies of the maps available.

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