Woodland destruction

A digger in action on land already cleared

2nd March 2011 - Old Farm Road Woodland Destruction

The devastation of the woodland at Old Farm Road and Marsh View has finally been halted after two solid weeks of destruction. It will be of little comfort to many residents but a significant piece of woodland has been saved. The remaining woodland provides a significant visual barrier on the approach to Beccles along Lowestoft Road and its loss would have been very detrimental to the town as a whole and in particular to the residents of Marsh View. On Friday 25 February Green Party Councillor Graham Elliott walked on to land with a small group of residents to confront the landowner and his contractor and to demand that they stop work.

Graham Elliott said: “After two very frustrating weeks I had enough evidence, and knowledge of the law, to be confident that criminal offences were being committed. In my mind this justified taking an assertive step against the mindless vandalism even if it meant trespassing to prevent further criminal acts. I had passed the evidence to officers of Waveney District Council who also advised the landowner to stop work immediately. I was very grateful that the landowner was polite and calm and that he agreed that no further clearance work would take place.”

Local resident, Anita White added, “There was great relief among local residents when work was finally halted late on Friday afternoon (25th Feb) at the site off Old Farm Road/Marsh View in Beccles, following intervention by Graham Elliott. The amount of destruction over the preceding two weeks has decimated a large area of trees and natural habitat causing irreparable harm to wildlife and their habitat and a huge amount of distress to residents. We were left reeling at the speed and extent of the destruction, but our initial shock and distress quickly turned to anger at the length of time work was allowed to continue.“

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