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Beccles Parking Report - Caroline Topping

1. Resident Permit Parking Station Road
Sarah, Geoff and Bernard all have problems with Station road. Too many permits issues for too few spaces. Spaces for public to park for 1 hour, which are usually empty. Exemption certificates have been revoked.

2. Problems with permits linked to car not home
Not being able to transfer permits makes things difficult when you have two cars. Residents have to apply for a permit if a temporary car if car garaged or borrowed. No flexibility.

3. Ravensmere East over sold
Only around 15 spaces available which isn't enough for the 30 houses that are able to apply for a permit. Residents pay for something they cannot use.

4. Visitor permits inflexible
Not flexible to allow for spontaneous visitors.

5. Lack of consultation

1. On and off street residents parking permits to be assigned to a house, as opposed to a vehicle.

2. Exemption Certificates reinstated on Station Road and allowed as an interim measure if/ when needed.

3. Re-access the yearly charge for those having to parking in East Suffolk Car parks, so that it is increased incrementally rather than in one year and give those users the opportunity to find alternative parking if necessary.

4. To communicate effectively with our communities.

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