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Bungay Parking Report - Sonia

1. Discrimination - Insurance and elderly
Discrimination against young families and elderly who need to have their car near to where they live. If you cannot park near to your house it affects your insurance - which will be higher. Complex and new IT discriminates against the elderly - what this the right time to implement this additional hurdle to their lives?

2. What consultation has been done?
No realistic risk assessment or survey and not relevant these COVID days
For example if a survey was done around Cleys, Bungay, workers use the streets to park in but when not working there are plenty of spaces.

Where is the evidence that what we had before this enforcement wasn't working?

Is this the right time, given what shops are facing?

Is it really needed, on a Sunday?

3. Outney Road
Outney Road, no off road parking, close to Clays Printing, and used by Clays because it is more convenient for them. Problem increased since new parking regulations in the town. Residents cannot park in their own street. Potential request for a residents parking permit scheme. It could be one that works for shop staff and residents as many of us work all day only returning late afternoon , leaving our spaces free for shops etc

4. Residential parking permit for car park cost increase
Far too great an increase from discounted 350 to 650 with no discount.
For example Chaucer Street with double yellow lines and no parking, so resident obliged to buy and park in Scale Street car park. For a pensioner the increase to 650 absorbs approximately SIX WEEKS of their government pension.

Chaucer Street, where on street parking not possible, residents purchases annual parking permit for Scales Street car park. The increase was made without prior notification or consultation, but as a consequence of a casual conversation with one of the parking inspectors several weeks before the application of the increase. This enforced parking levy an unfair additional burden.

5. Detrimental to Bungay Businesses
The new parking charges and enforcement are doing nothing to encourage people into the town which is struggling to keep it's shops going. Nipping into Earsham St shops, as you pass by, is not an option now - that must be costing the shop keepers.

In addition: What are they doing with the cash they are taking in, that will benefit Bungay?

FB Group -
Bungay has a facebook group of over 100 members formed specifically around the resident's exemption parking issue in Bungay, before we knew about the car park increase, just the timed bay change

1. Increase Car Park free from 30 minutes to 1 hour - importance of browsing, dallying.
2. Reduce yearly charge for residents who have to purchase yearly car parking
3. No Residents parking permits in Northern half of town
4. Outney Road - potential residential parking permits due to Cleys 5. Find out where the parking money goes!

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