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Parking reports from where you are...

Annette Dunning reports

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Halesworth parking report - Annette Dunning

1. Centre Car Park. Problems with new ticket machine
a. Two-minute recovery period when it goes wrong, which causes queues and distress. Poor phone signal and internet connection in town, adds to problems with Ringo.
b. Difficult to understand especially for elderly or those vulnerable.
c. Only one machine available in central carpark - we need 2.
d. Parking restricted to one ticket per day (including free tickets). Problem for parents delivering and collecting children to Edgar Sewter Primary school. Restriction from parking near school, so car park had been suggested. Now roads are blocked and complaints from residents.
e. Very disappointed in the reduction to 30 minutes from one hour free. Not enough time to shop with COVID queues. Cannot make a payment if free ticket expires. Detrimental to the traders. Very disappointed to hear that previously Beccles had free parking without making a payment to ESC as was required in Halesworth.
f. Not COVID safe, no sanitizing throughout the day of machine.

2. Carers’ permits You can buy a carers’ permit for 20 days on-street parking a month for £8. But carers are needed seven days a week. We have 2 carers companies in the town who work seven days a week. What are they supposed to do the other days?

3. Residential permit linked to car not house What about carers visiting? What about rental cars? What happens with spontaneous visitors? Although only £1 it is very difficult and time consuming to get visitors’ permits online, if you are on the internet...

4. Uploading of forms discriminatory Very complex procedure. Documentation to prove you own a car online disadvantages a whole host of people who are not savvy with computers, or indeed who change their cars regularly.

5. Yearly off-street permit charge increase to £650 from £350 (£150 concessions) Illegal to raise council tax more than 5%, how can this increase be justified? These permits are needed by residents who have no street parking. Especially hard on pensioners who have no increase in pension. Also, ticket is now car park specific, £650 has no concessions.

1. Free One hour at least in main central Thoroughfare car park and clear instructions for use.
2. Multiple returns to the car park allowed.
3. Resident Permits to be returned to the successful allocation per home rather than car-based proposal.
4. Review of rise of yearly permit charges for one year from £350 to £650.

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