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Waveney Green Party Parking Zoom Summary

This was an online Peoples Forum - your voice can be heard - organised by the Green Party on 12 November 2020, in order for Councillor Caroline Topping to take our views to East Suffolk Council Scrutiny Committee meeting 16th November for discussion of the new parking arrangements.

The zoom meeting was open to all members of the pubic affected by the new and their environs. All were encouraged to participate. Altogether 22 people registered via the, and 15 people on email from people who could not attend the zoom.

As promised a conclusion of each Zoom room and of various emails togehter with Caroline’s summary below is given here and sent to all participants.

Feed back from the Scrutiny meeting from Councillor Caroline Topping
First of all I urge you to everybody to fill in the questionnaire, link below. Make your voices heard.

1. It is structured so you can only make comments on the street you live on, which is not helpful if you want to refer to parking in the town

2. It does have and comments box at the end which I would encourage everyone to make their real points about the parking situation as they see it.

The Scrutiny Committee 16th November lasted over 3 hours, and was usually well attended. It did go a little 'around in circles’, as some of those being allowed to ask questions had not been listening and asked questions we had asked 2 hours prior.

The recommendations we put forward at this meeting will go to Cabinet. We then get to ask questions, give information and challenge again, what is happening. The Cabinet vote on what they wish to happen and then their recommendations will go to Full Council. As you can imagine, this all takes months.

In the meantime, I have a meeting on 4th December, with Officers of the council and the Portfolio Holder, to give local knowledge. I will present all this knowledge again. I have been emailing it to the officers and councillors since 23rd September, when I first started receiving these emails. I will continue to argue the case until a final decision is made and hope that the local knowledge which I am imparting will be listened to and the right decision made for the home owners.
Kind regards Caroline

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