Sizewell decision

July 20th 2022: Despite the Planning Inspectorate recommended Sizewell C be refused consent, the government decided to go ahead with the 10-15 year Sizwell project (despite being in the doldrums themselves). This is not the end of the fight

A quote from the  The Examination Authority’s consideration  5.14.198. 

Although the MDS relates to a limited geographical area of the AONB, (Area of Natural Beauty), given the intensity, scale and duration of construction, we consider that the level of harm would not be localised, rather it would be experienced across the AONB as a whole. We therefore disagree with the findings of the Applicant’s LVIA in respect of effect on the AONB during the construction phase and conclude that the extent of impact on the natural beauty qualities of the AONB has been understated. We therefore do not support the proposition that the overall integrity and resilience of the wider designated landscape would not be compromised during construction.

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