Bungay Greens

May 2021 – Bungay residents protest about sewage in the River Waveney

The community of Bungay has a long history of involvement in environmental and community projects. Many of us have been heavily involved in leading the (apolitical) Sustainable Bungay community group, the Save the Geldeston Locks Community pub project, and running events such as the legendary and long-running Greenpeace Fair which was held in the Saints for many years.

The river Waveney is an important part of the town’s history, wildlife, and an amenity for swimming and boating. Residents have been outraged to discover Anglian Water frequently allows raw sewage to overflow into the river at multiple points around the town. So our latest campaign in Bungay is to force the water company to stop using the river as a sewer.

Recent elections

In several local elections we have come very close to winning both the District and the County Council Seat. We lost by just 56 votes at the May 2021 election for County with 42% of the vote share. Can you help us win next time?

Get involved

We usually hold “Green Drinks” on the first Thursday of the month at the Green Dragon pub in Bungay. All are welcome, regardless of their political persuasion or shade of green. Check out the www.facebook.com/wavgp/ for info about the next meetup.

If you would like to get involved in our campaigns, even in a small way, we are a friendly bunch and would love to hear from you. You can email bungaygreens@gmail.com or call Toby on 07717 314171.