Scrutiny and challenge are part and parcel of the Green Party ethos. The Green Party is a party for social and environmental justice, which supports a radical transformation of society for the benefit of all. Our core values describe what informs our Green politics.

Along the way we work to challenge systems and structures which are unjust, from a public NHS, fair economy, decent homes, safe climate, free education to better transport.

Here are our some of our priorities described on our Green Liberal Democrat web site

  • Growing a Green Economy
  • Climate Change and biodiversity – Green Energy
  • Public Transport
  • Mental Health

Our local campaigns are described in brief with pointers to resources, and serve to be a useful landing space. All relate specifically to our Waveney Valley.

Energy, Nuclear and Sizewell – promoting sustainable green energy systems in particular those locally and cooperative owned, and opposing large scale industrial developments that are not right for East Suffolk, including Sizewell C.

Flooding, sea rises and sea defenses

Water quality