Campaigns – Nuclear /Sizewell

A briefing page on Green Party Policy, and local resources

Green Party Councillors with Adrian Ramsay, outside Sizewell May 2022

Green Party Policy

The Green Party is fundamentally opposed to nuclear energy, which we consider to be expensive and dangerous. The technology is not carbon neutral, and being reliant on uranium it is not renewable. We consider its use, moreover, to be elitist and undemocratic. There is so far no safe way of disposing of nuclear waste. To a degree unequalled by even the worst of other dangerous industries, the costs and dangers of nuclear energy and its waste will be passed on to future generations long after any benefits have been exhausted.

Green Party Energy Policy:

  • Cut demand by encouraging European incentives for home insulation, reducing the amount of energy we need to heat and power Britain’s homes, and providing much-needed jobs.
  • Change the types of energy we use by speeding up the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy by voting for increased targets in Europe.
    Reject harmful long-term solutions. We would ban all fracking and stop building nuclear power stations.

Sizewell development

Sizewell C is the wrong project, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sizewell night-time projections make their point to Boris / Richard Cornwell
Published: 12:44 PM March 20, 2022

Energising the East
A set of two new reports commissioned by Catherine Rowett MEP which looks at how the generation, storage, distribution and use of energy in the East of England needs to change and how this can be part of efforts to tackle the global climate crisis that is emerging.

Suffolk Coastal Friends of the Earth

Stop Sizewell C
Stop Sizewell C is the campaign name of Theberton and Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell, established in 2013 to protect this unique environment and highlight how our community would be affected by the building of two more nuclear reactors at Sizewell. We did not initially oppose Sizewell C, but after eight years of failed engagement with EDF, it became evident that the only option was to try and stop the project. We began campaigning as Stop Sizewell C in early 2020.

Nuclear Power in the UK

Background to UK’s nuclear power

EDF’s documents in planning