Our Story

Our current manifestation stems from the photograph above, taken in the midst of COVID winter 2020, outside in Toby’s garden. Graham Elliott, a Green Councillor for over 14 years, and foundation for the Green Party in Beccles, announced his desire to resign in favour of putting his energy into Saving The Locks. The press release is here which describes some – not all – of the projects and initiatives Graham originated in Beccles. Also there was Elfrede Bramley-Crawshaw, standing down from District but remaining a County Councillor. Elfrede was the first Green councillor from the East Suffolk area elected to the County Council, and has been a key campaigner on a host of issues in the chamber.

Meanwhile also around this fire, were the new seeds: Annette Dunning, who would become Halesworth ward Suffolk County Councillor. Caroline Topping, already a District Councillor who would become a County Councillor. Peggy McGreggor, who would become Suffolk County Councillor in 2021. Andrew Eastaugh, who would become the chair of Waveney Greens, a new conglomerate uniting Beccles, Bungay and Halesworth. Peter and Rita, the vital continuity between the old and the new, treasurer of Waveney Greens. Toby the facilitator and Election agent of Waveney Greens. Michael Imison and Rachel Kellett who would share the role of secretary of Waveney Greens.

Our 2021 Campaign

You can trace our history through our Green View leaflets, that go back to 2010