Why vote Green?

Why Vote Green?

We work hard
Our current and growing in number councillors have worked tirelessly to make Suffolk a greener, fairer place. We also deliver regular local newsletters, not just at election time, to keep you up to date with all the incredible work our Councillors and members have been up to. Our Green party candidates have been out talking to you on the doorsteps, and delivering local, relevant newsletters, for years.

We achieve results
From introducing saving swimming pools, to steer us through Covid, to blah blah. Our councillors hold the current administration to account, speaking up on scrutiny committees and at Full Council meetings day-in, day-out.

We can win
We’re always looking to increase the number of Green councillors, standing for change against an underperforming and underachieving local council.

In the Waveney Valley Greens really can make a difference.